Bila Brain Nak Baca

الاثنين، 30 يناير 2012


I need the people that I love to be by myside now.To wish me luck.To comfort me.Medicine is tough.Yes,it is.I'm crazy.I know that.My exam will be next week.And I still have time to make an entry.Because I need to express my feeling.I need my brothers,I need my mak and ayah.To say "keep struggling".But they are far away from me.And I am tucked away in egypt.I can't remember all things that I've to.It's burden me.Ya Allah..Give me strenght.I don't need anything else so far.I don't want to listen to English songs that I like damn much.I just need some motivation from them.I don't want to chat with my friends in skype or facebook,I just want to see my family members' faces.I miss the moments when I took SPM last year.Everyday,my bro would phone me and say "Try to do to your best ability.InsyaAllah,everything would be fine.Straight As is yours".I need them!Enthusiasm could not fulfill my dream.I want my family.-.-

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