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الخميس، 29 مارس 2012

Mardhatillah Versus Human's Expectation

Assalamualaikum.Hi Readers.How are you?Hopefully,you are in the best of health.Oh,I know perhaps some of you are curious why do I write this entry in English.Yeah,as I had said before,my old blog was totally in English,and since I'm studying in Egypt and I realise that my English is getting worse day by day.So,I think this is the right time to start improving my English by writing.So those who are very good in this languange,do correct me if I make mistakes.For sure,I think a lot of mistakes I will make especially in term of words I'm using and grammatical errors.

First of all, congrates to all SPM candidates 2011 for your excellence.Perhaps,I'm rather outdated since SPM results had been released on March 22 right?But,sorry I don't have enough time to write this entry.The night before SPM released date,I'm sure all of you could not have beauty sleep right?I felt it before and of course I spent all the night by watching movies and facebooking to get rid of all negative thoughts that kept ringing in my mind such as "Could I get straight As?What if I didn't get straight As?Could I still be able to apply Program Ijazah Luar Negara (PILN?".Those are radiculous thoughts.As if straight as is everything in life.Alhamdulillah,finally straight As is mine,and I felt like all my sacrifices had been paid off.Syukur,alhamdulillah.For those,who didn't get straight As or just got 1A or 2As,It is okay my dear.Don't cry,Don't ever feel like you are the most ill- fated person in this world.What SPM certificate can offer you?Scholarship to further studies abroad?Then,you can enrol at the prestigious university such as Harvard,Oxford or Cambridge?Yes,perhaps it is.But do you know that academic performance sometimes is only for the human expectation?Does straight as offer someone to have a better life in the future?Yes,maybe it is.But what is the most important in life?To get straight As or to get mardhatillah(Bless from Allah)?For example,some people they are very good in academic,their academic performance always outshine,they become CEO at the well known companies all over the world,but finally they end up with,they have lots of money,but their marital relationship corrupt,having lots of problems such as they never feel happy with what they are doing.Is it worth to live like that?Why this such kind of story happen?Because there's no blessing from Allah.

Life is more than that.Life is full of trials,challenges and obstacles.Only those who have a great enthusiasm to succeed and never give up will be successful person in the future.If you didn't get straight As and you feel like life is unfair,you better realise that you are wrong.If you think that only those who got best result in examination will success and you can't because you cannot perform well in academic,you should change your perceptions.We are the greatest creation of Allah.He gives us lots of talents which sometimes we do not notice what is the speciality in ourselves.So wake up,improvise yourself,think that Allah has dictated the best for you.May Allah bless and make the right choice for yourself.Most of the parents nowadays think that straight as is everything.I ever read an article about a student who ran away from home because he couldn't accept the truth that he got unexpected result.I meant not a good result.For sure,he aimed to pass with flying colours right?It's not the end of the world.Don't act like a fool.If people say you are an idiot for getting the worst result ever,then wake up.Start to turn over a new leaf.Let bygones be bygones.

Have you ever heard a story about Najmil Faiz Mohamed Aris?He was the the first Malaysian who presented his paperwork about "Nanotechnology"at the House of Common.Britain Parliament.What did he get in SPM?He just passed with 3rd grade.But what did he do next?He struggled damn hard and eventually he succeeded and became an engineer.But at that point of time when he got the SPM result and became the petrol pump attendant,most of his friends insulted him for not doing well in exam.For those who do not know about this special guy,you better read his book "Towards greater height between fantasy and reality".He was also titled as the most brilliant man in Asia.Put the trust in Allah.Maybe The Lord doesn't give what you want this time,but he will give you what you need in future.Mardhatillah is more important than anything else.If you got the best result with Allah bless,Alhamdulliah.If you didn't but with Allah bless,also say Alhamdulillah.But if you got the best result but with no blessing from Allah,you life is meaningless.Never give up.Make the right choice for yourself.